Rights and obligations of the user

Law 13/2011, of December 23, on Tourism in Andalusia. Autonomous Community of Andalusia «BOJA» no. 255, of December 31, 2011 «BOE» no. 17, of January 20, 2012 Reference: BOE-A-2012-876

TITLE IV: Rights and obligations of users of tourist services and tourist companies.

CHAPTER I: Users of tourist services

Article 21. Rights.

For the purposes of this Law and without prejudice to the provisions of the legislation on the defense and protection of consumers and users or other applicable legislation, users of tourist services will have the right to:

a) Receive truthful, sufficient, understandable, unequivocal, rational and prior to contracting information on the services offered, as well as on the complete final price, including taxes, breaking down, where appropriate, the amount of the increases or discounts that are applicable to the offer.
b) Obtain the documents that certify the terms of their contract.
c) Access tourist establishments in the terms established in this Law.
d) Receive tourist services in the conditions offered or agreed upon and, in any case, that the nature and quality of their provision is in direct proportion to the category of the company or tourist establishment.
e) Have their safety and that of their property, as well as their privacy, duly guaranteed in the establishment, in the terms established in current legislation, and be informed of any circumstantial inconvenience that could alter their rest and tranquility.
f) Receive information, protection and assistance from the Tourist Administration when necessary to defend their rights in their relations with providers of tourist services.
g) Be unequivocally informed of the facilities or services that pose a risk and of the security measures adopted.
h) Receive an invoice or ticket with the content provided for in the current regulations of the price paid for the tourist service provided.
i) Require that, instead of easy visibility, the accrediting badge be publicly displayed
of the classification, capacity and any other information referring to the exercise of the activity, in accordance with the provisions of the corresponding regulations.
j) Formulate complaints and claims and obtain information on the procedure for submitting them and their treatment.
k) Go to a mediation system in tourism matters through mechanisms of an arbitral nature.
l) Receive from the competent Administration information on the different aspects of
the resources and tourist offer of Andalusia.
m) Receive information on the conditions of accessibility of tourist resources, services and infrastructures.
n) Participate, through their most representative organizations, in public decision-making procedures that, related to tourism, could affect them.

Article 22. Obligations.

For the purposes of this Law, and without prejudice to the provisions of other applicable legislation, users of tourist services have the obligation to:

a) Observe the rules of coexistence and hygiene dictated for the proper use of tourist establishments. b) Respect the rules of the internal regime of tourist establishments, provided that they are not contrary to the law. c) In the case of the tourist accommodation service, respect the agreed date of departure from the establishment, leaving the occupied unit free. d) Pay for the contracted services at the time of presentation of the invoice or within the agreed period, without the fact of submitting a claim implying exemption from payment. e) Respect the establishments, installations and equipment of tourist companies. f) Respect the environment, the historical and cultural heritage and the tourist resources of Andalusia.