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Macià Hoteles


The Brightness of Andalusia

The city that is the sun and soul; Light and magic. Full of everything that remains etched in the soul and accompanies you for life. Seville is universal. It is its Cathedral, La Giralda, the Reales Alcázares, and Holy Week. It is Plaza de España, the Torre del Oro, and the Triana neighborhood. You just have to come and let its brightness reflect on you.


The inspiration of Andalusia

It is very difficult to describe in words the emotions felt when walking the eternal Alhambra, when getting lost in the mysterious Albaicin or when breathing the spell of the Sacromonte. What it feels like to walk and discover a Paseo de Los Tristes loaded with History and memories. There are experiences that we should not let them tell us. There are experiences that we have to live in.
Macià Hoteles
Macià Hoteles


The Aroma of Andalusia

Get lost in its Jewish quarter. Freeze your time admiring its Mosque-Cathedral or its Medina Azahara. He enters its Patios, walks its streets, talks to its people. Córdoba is a flower, it is color, it is the aroma, it is beauty, it is passion… Cordoba is, without a doubt, the true essence of Andalusia.


The taste of Andalusia

There are places that are meant to be discovered. Perhaps they will never be the best known, but they will surely be the most remembered. It is the sun of Cadiz and the perpetual smile; it is good eating and good living. Sanlúcar is that paradise that you can feel with your hands and that is waiting for you and knows that, once you have been for the first time … you will be back again.
Macià Hoteles