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Macia Real de la Alhambra Committed to the environment.

At Macià Hoteles we have a commitment to the environment, sustainable development and the promotion of the local economy. Thus, we designed a building with the highest levels of insulation to minimize energy consumption. Energy generated to a great extent by solar panels installed on its roof. To support this system, we use natural gas as fuel, which is the fuel with the least environmental impact of all existing ones. We minimize the consumption of electricity by making the most of natural lighting and using energy-saving light bulbs and motion detectors as well as great electrical efficiency equipment.

Water consumption is optimized by means of consumption reducers in taps and low consumption equipment as well as recirculation systems in our ornamental fountains. The gardens have drip irrigation and the garden lawn
 uses low water consumption. Fats are decanted from the wastewater and are removed by a company that specializes in treating and discharging them into the sanitation network. Regarding the equipment, we always use 100% cotton bed linen without added synthetic materials as well as natural latex mattresses and biodegradable cleaning products and we avoid furniture manufactured with solid wood. We use recycled paper and once used it is deposited in recycling containers.

As for our food & drinks, we serve organic products and seasonal foods and fruits that reduce the environmental impact on their production. We try to make sure that all our suppliers are local in order to reduce transportation pollution. Thanks to our excellent location, 30 minutes from the ski resort of Sierra Nevada and a few kilometers from the national park of the same name, our guests will have the opportunity to enjoy activities in nature, from skiing to running routes. In our garage you will find several charging points for electric cars as well as a bicycle parking lot for our cyclist guests.

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