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José Macià García, Founder of Macià Hotels, was born in Granada in February 1919.
Continuing the business of his father Salvador Macià, Jose Macià García started his early stage in the workforce in the shoe store business. Later, he embarked on a new business project, together with other partners, that led to the inauguration of the Macià Building in 1965, aimed at office rentals.

In 1973, he founded his first hotel, Macià Plaza Hotel, in the heart of Granada's capital, where the city's increasingly frequent visitors enjoy to stay for long periods.
In 1980, Hotel Macià Cóndor was inaugurated, a basic pillar for the company's development and a benchmark in the hospitality sector in Granada and Andalusia. In 1981, the Café Maite opened on Calle Zacatín, one of the most famous shopping streets in Granada.

It is with the second generation of family business, spearheaded by José María Macià Zapata as General Manager, when the business group developed its business until it reached current figures.
With 45 years of experience, MACIÀ HOTELS currently constitutes a leading consolidated business group in Andalusia (Granada, Cordova, Seville and Cádzi) dedicated to the hospitality, tourism and catering sector.
With an excellent staff as the group's main asset and more than 840 rooms, MACIÀ HOTELS has a portfolio of eight 2*, 3* and 4* hotels with unbeatable locations and state-of-the-art equipment where we offer quality service that allows us to create the best experience for each of our guests.
Our establishments are located in city centres with historical, commercial and monumental interest, ideal to enjoy a few days of work or leisure.

Since its beginnings, MACIÀ HOTELS has been committed to its guests by offering  high quality service, through the implementation of a culture of impeccable and personal service.
At present, the third generation is incorporated into the ownership and management of MACIA HOTELS, with José María Macià Álvarez as General Manager. With the values and commitments acquired, and with the support of the whole team, we face new challenges and objectives in order to strengthen and extend MACIA HOTELS and make the establishments your home in Andalusia.


Throughout its history, MACIÀ HOTELS has been awarded several recognitions on account of its desire to grow, the actions taken to innovate and professionalize the family business, promote the competitiveness of the company, the implementation of measures that facilitate the continuity of the family business, the creation of social wealth, the commitment with the guests by offering the best quality in their services and products and the daily work of the staff.


- January 1999: PRESTIGIO TURISTICO DE GRANADA, granted by the City Council of Granada to the Hotel Macià Cóndor for its recognition of the achievement of the European quality certification. (IDEAL, Tuesday, January 26, 1999).
- Year 2000: The Directorate-General for Tourism implemented a quality system in all its establishments. Hotel Macià Cóndor and its staff participated in the meetings held to create the quality standards that the sector currently has. This system is regulated through the ICTE (Spanish Institute for Tourism Quality) and the standards for the "Q" quality mark. Hotel Macià Cóndor was the first hotel in Granada and Andalusia to be certified according to this system and one of the first in Spain.
- Year 2000: 2000 TOURISM PRIZE for MACIA HOTELS, granted by the Chamber of Commerce of Granada.
- August 2010: PRESTIGE PRIZE 2010 awarded by the City of Granada to people, institutions or groups that stand out for their work in the projection of the city of Granada. (HOSTELSUR, August 2010).
- November 2010: COMPANY OF THE YEAR AWARD 2010 awarded to Hotel Macià Doñana by the Business Association of Sanlúcar. A recognition for its commitment and desire to excel as a company... "(Information, November 13 to 19, 2010).
- July 2011: FAMILY-COMPANY PRIZE awarded by the Family Business Chair of the San Telmo International Institute. "The award-winning companies were proposed by the different family entrepreneurs who are part of the Chair of Family Business, considering them as role models for other family businesses in southern Spain..." (Magazine of the SANTELMO Membership Group, September 2011).
- August 2016: IX PORCELANOSA Group Awards Finalists: Five Senses Granada. "Because Granada is a heritage, an artistic and architectural legacy that is worth feeling. Hence, this thematic hotel, finalist in the IX Awards PORCELANOSA Group of Architecture and Interior Design, focuses its raison d'etre in the flavors, aromas and textures of the emblematic city. "(http: / /


- March 2002: Applause! "The entrepreneur from Granada, Jose Maria Maciá, has placed a strong bet on Cordova, where he has just opened the Castillo de la Albaida restaurant to the public after an arduous renovation" (Córdoba Day, Sunday, March 10, 2002).
- July 2002: "The Macià company inaugurates its new establishment in Cordova, a restaurant with the splendour of the old palace" (Diario de Córdoba Thursday, July 04, 2002 ).
- August 2009: Hotel Macià Real de la Alhambra, fourth best Spanish hotel in terms of quality and price, according to a ranking made by Trivago. (IDEAL, Saturday, August 22, 2009).
- September 2010: Hotel Macià Doñana gets its fourth star **** "After a profound renovation and investment, Macia Doñana hotel, located in the Bajo de Guia area, has just obtained its 4th star, thus becoming  the only one in the area with this category" (Information, 04 to 10 September 2010).
- December 2011: Hotel Macià Plaza ranked # 3 in the ranking of the best rated hotels in Andalusia in 2011 with the "Top Rated Hotel" seal of approval awarded by the free online hotel booking service (IDEAL, Saturday 24th of December 2011)

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